Caraiman Monastery is an orthodox monastery, which is situated in town Buşteni, Prahova district, at the foot of the massif Caraiman. The Cross from above the Caraiman seems to guard the path, which leeds the steps of the pilgrims towards the monastery. Going towards the cab from Buşteni, at a time, on the left side, there are an indicator and an icon showing the path with stone tiles in patches, path leading towards the monastery.

The secretly like walking path, under the dark crowns of the fir trees is eventually reaching an oasis of light, the massif Caraiman emerges in all its splendour. In this glade, Father Gherontie Puiu built, by the grace of Lord and with Virgin’s Mary help, a great monastery.

Buşteni is a small mountain town situated in the northern part of Prahova district, Muntenia, located in the center of Romania. It is situated on the Prahova Valley, at he foot of the Bucegi Mountains, which have the maximum altitude of 2.505 m. Situated at a distance of 135 km from Bucharest, it stretches about 7 km along the Prahova Valley, between the “Deer Ford” and the tunnel dug into the mountain spur “Long Edge”.

The average height of the town Buşteni is of 850 m. It is one of the most popular mountain resorts, offering spectacular views, a lot of opportunities and holiday activities from skiing to hiking. It’s got a population of 10.463 inhabitants.

The Caraiman Monastery is situated at a height of about 900 m, being one of the highest altitudes where a place of worship has ever been built in our country.

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Accommodation and Meals for the Believers
Caraiman Monastery has 100 beds, divided into three buildings. Each room has its own bathroom.details
Conferences and Trainings
The Social Pastoral Center “Holy Cross” from Caraiman Monastery in town
Buşteni has a capacity of 102 places to sleep in 44 rooms with two bedsdetails
Helping the construction of the monastery