Consecration of the Big Church on the 14th of September


The day of 14th September 2014 will remain inscribed with letters of gold in the history of the Monastery “The Exaltation of the Holy Cross” from Buşteni and of the community, which lives in obedience in this holy monastic settlement, being the great day when the big church of the monastery received the new garment of grace. The consecration of the sanctuary underneath the monumental Cross of the Caraiman heroes was committed by His beatitude Patriarch Daniel, surrounded by a group of hierarchs, priests and deacons, after the consecration being committed the Divine Service.

The Sunday celebration was an awaited spiritual emotion feast both by the holy congregation of the settlement and by the believers, who attend the monastery from the foot of the Caraiman peak. Therefore the monastery’s courtyard was full of pilgrims from all over the country, who attended the services and went through the Holy Altar of the church to kiss the Holy Mass, the Holy Gospel and the Holy Cross.

The event was also attended by: Eminence Father Teofan, Archbishop of Iaşi and Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bucovina, Eminence Father Laurenţiu, Archbishop of Sibiu and Metropolitan of Ardeal, Eminence Father Metropolitan Nifon, Archbishop of Târgovişte and Patriarchal Exarch, Eminence Father Teodosie, Archbishop of Tomis, Eminence Father Calinic, Archbishop of Argeş and Muscel, and Eminence Father Casian, Archbishop of the Lower Danube, surrounded by a group of priests and deacons.

With the consecration, the sanctuary received a second patron “The Lord’s Resurrection”, to show the connection between the Cross and the Resurrection of the Saviour Jesus Christ.

After the consecration service, His beatitude the Patriarch of Romania thanked the mayor of Buşteni town, Emanoil Savin, for his support in building a future church in the Bucegi mountains, near the cross from the Caraiman peak.

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